The Sanity Gurus

1730 NW 3rd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32609

Kristen Crisp NPTI-RYT200/NASM-CPT/Cacaoga® Guide  – Founder/Teacher

Kristen started on her path to wellness and positive thinking in 2006 when she took her first yoga class.  She fell so deeply in love with the practice she decided to pursue teacher training while living in Chicago.  She trained at NPTI under Livia Budrys who gave her the inspiration and the tools to work towards not only being a great instructor but reminding her that we are always students in our practice and our life. After facing several years of some extremely trying times, Kristen realized that while she loves her time on the mat, she also missed the gym.  She headed back to the gym in 2010 and felt like her she had re-awakened some lost physical awareness.  Combining this physical renewal with some changes in lifestyle and nutrition and she was “almost” in the best shape of her life.  What made the biggest difference was her shift in attitude.  She headed towards positive thinking and the belief that the best state to be in is the present moment.  The past has nothing new to say and we cannot predict the future.  To round out her physical teachings she received her Personal Training certification through NASM in 2014.

The idea behind The Sanity Gurus was to bring together a community of teachers and students that want to transform their bodies, their minds, and their purpose here on planet Earth.  Through exercise, yoga, nutrition, and a host of other wellness options we want to find out who you are and what you need to be the most awesome YOU.

Our goal is to “Find yourself and love what you find” – K. Crisp