Alachua County Gatornationals RV Campground

4100 NE 77th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32609

The Alachua County Parks and Conservation Lands Gatornationals RV Campground is located 2 miles south of Gainesville Raceway at the corner of CR 225 and NE 77th Avenue. Enter the campground on NE 77th Avenue. This RV and primitive camping area offers easy access to the races.

Camping will be on a first come, first served basis. 

Campground is only open one week during the year, from the Monday before GatorNationals until the Monday after Gatornationals (as of 2/3/2021).

No off road, three or four wheel all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or motorcycles are to be driven within the camp grounds or on right-of-ways or local roads without proper licensing.

Campground Prices:
Campsites are required to be purchased through Sunday or Monday only. There is a maximum of one vehicle and one tow vehicle per campsite.

Regular Campsite $40/night
Water Campsite $45/night
RV Campsite $50/night
Tow Vehicle $40/Flat

“RV” is any vehicle over 18’ long – RV sites may choose water or regular for same price.

“Tow Vehicles” must be “towed in” and are defined as a travel trailer being towed, a car or other vehicle being towed by an RV, or a utility trailer in tow.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises
  2. Speed Limit is 5 MPH
  3. No off road, three or four wheel all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or motorcycles are to be driven within the campgrounds or on right-of-ways or local roads without proper licensing.
  4. No motorized vehicles of any kind allowed in the sand pit.
  5. Restrict noise after 10:00 p.m. No radios, horn or loud noises outside the campers, tents or vehicles from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  6. No weapons or firearms of any kind
  7. No fireworks, smoke bombs or explosives of any nature.
  8. Fires are permitted in fire pit or ring only unless there is a burn ban. All dangerous fires will be extinguished by Alachua County staff and/or volunteers.
  9. No Littering – Please place all refuse in dumpsters/appropriate receptacles located throughout the grounds.
  10. Discharge or leakage of wastewater is prohibited.
  11. No fighting, taunting, teasing or other disruptive activity with anyone.
  12. No pets allowed.
  13. No refunds or rain checks.

There are a limited number of water sites available. Please back in vertically to all water sites.

Please make sure all water connections are tightened.
If a water line, feeder line. Etc. breaks or is leaking, please notify staff.

There will be No Refunds for any reason – including the cancellation of races.
If races are delayed until Monday, anyone wishing to stay until Monday night must have a Monday receipt or purchase an extra night.

If the races are postponed to the following weekend – you will be given a night-for-night credit of the cancelled nights

For more information contact
Alachua County Parks and Open Space
Mailing Address:
5620 NW 120th Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653