Santa Fe Lake Park

24500 NE SR 26
Melrose, FL 32666

Santa Fe Lake, also known as Lake Santa Fe, is a sparkling 5,850-acre expanse that lies in northeastern Alachua County, Florida. Actually divided into two lakes — Santa Fe Lake and Little Santa Fe Lake — this watery playground is connected and easily navigable by boat. The lake is spring-fed and feeds into the Santa Fe River, which eventually empties into the Suwannee River. One of the larger Florida lakes, Santa Fe Lake is a popular vacation destination.

Santa Fe Lake Park is maintained by Alachua County and offers visitors a wide variety of activities. Nature lovers are invited to walk the park’s trails, taking in the scenes around them. If you’re quiet (and a bit lucky), animals native to the area will dart across your path, and deer will dash through the surrounding forest. If you keep your eyes to the sky, you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, soaring and circling as it hones in on its next meal.

Santa Fe Lake Park is also equipped with a boat ramp, which is the ideal launching spot for your boat. The lake is the perfect size: at just over 5,800 acres, you’ll get to see almost every part of Santa Fe Lake if you dedicate an entire day to its exploration. Take your time, though, and stop to enjoy the lake’s tranquility. It’s amazing what a healthy dose of warm sun, blue sky, and a friendly breeze can do for your spirits.