Gainesville Raceway

11211 N County Rd 225
Gainesville, FL 32609
352- 377-0046

Home of the NHRA GatorNationals. As one of the fastest tracks in the world, the Auto Plus Raceway is where drivers clocked the first 260, 270 and 300 mph Top Fuel runs.

Drag racing! Each March, 135,000 fans come to Gainesville Raceway’s NHRA GatorNationals. The first GatorNationals event was held in 1970, a year after the Gainesville Raceway opened. The four-day event features National Hot Rod Association races along with amateur car, motorcycle and Jr. Dragster drag races. Besides the famous GatorNationals events, Gainesville Raceway hosts a weekly schedule of races most weeks from April to December. The Gainesville Raceway is also used as a road course for teaching and testing, and it has a full schedule of law-enforcement and emergency-vehicle driver training.

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