Bev’s Better Burgers – High Springs

639 NE Santa Fe Blvd
High Springs, FL 32643

Bev’s Better Burgers is perfect for lunch after a day on the water.  Bev’s Burger Café location in beautiful High Springs, home of the Clear Water Springs. Bev’s also has two drive-thru locations, one in High Springs and the other in Alachua. Stop by and try our freshly made homemade cookies today.

A family owned restaurant since 1976. An excellent place to have early coffee to start the day. Serving freshly hand-made steak burgers served with a side order of homemade potato salad. All daily specials made fresh daily.

Well known for the steak burgers and fried chicken. Bev’s is a favorite destination for restaurant goers who want to relax and connect over freshly prepared meals. The café introducing a new type of restaurant concept that combined the quality, ambiance, and personal service of a dine-in restaurant with the convenience and value of a coffee shop. We are the perfect place if you want to just unwind and take a few minutes to yourself before getting back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Quality ingredients with seasonal offerings and healthy options.