Nature and Culture Destination Enhancement Grant

In order to support and enhance Alachua County as a culturally interesting and vibrant destination, the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners has allocated a portion of the Tourist Development Tax revenue to aid in the operations and promotions of arts, cultural, and nature events that have, as one of their main purposes, the attraction of tourists as evidenced by the promotion of the event to tourists.

Application Submission Applications should be submitted with all requested information. Missing or re-worded questions constitute an incomplete application. Each applicant is responsible for full and complete compliance with all laws, rules and regulations which may be applicable. Applications should be bound/stapled on the left side. One (1) Original be submitted. 

It is the complete responsibility of the applicant to compile and package its proposals according to instructions.

The application deadline has past.

Inquiries/Questions Questions regarding any portion of the application or application process must be made in writing via email to the VCB at

Eligibility Applicants must fulfill the following at the time of application.

  1. Be a legally established arts, nature or culture organization.
  2. The operations, events and activities must be within the boundaries of Alachua County.
  3. The proposed event has as one of its main purposes the attraction of tourists as evidenced by the promotion of the event to tourists.
  4. Have documented IRS non-profit, tax-exempt status. A copy of Active Status from must be attached to the application.
  5. Institutions of higher education are eligible to apply for arts, nature or culture programs and events, within the request limit.
  6. Applications will not be accepted from organizations who have applied for Tourist Development funding through the Gainesville Sports Commission, Sponsorships, Local Sports Destination Enhancement Grants and Conference Grants in the same year.
  7. Applications will not be accepted for organizations to re-grant or provide funding to individuals or other organizations.
  8. Government entities are not eligible to apply for Nature and Culture Destination Enhancement grants.

Prohibited Communications The funding process is not over until the final award decisions are made by the County Commission. To ensure fair consideration for all applicants, the County prohibits communication regarding this funding process, including the funding recommendations to or with any department, employee, elected official, or any other person involved in evaluation of or consideration of the applications, until the County Commission has formalized its funding decision. Communication includes both oral and written. The County’s representative may initiate communication with an applicant in order to obtain information.

Please note: The Visit Gainesville, Alachua County office is currently open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment or drop-off time for completed applications, email or call (352) 374-5260.