Cooperative Billboard Advertising Campaign


The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners has allocated a portion of the Tourist Development Tax revenue to aid in a Cooperative Billboard Advertising Campaign to attract tourists and increase visitation by the promotion of the destination to tourists.

The Cooperative Billboard Advertising Campaign will enable Alachua County tourism businesses and organizations to leverage Tourist Development Tax (TDT) funds via the cost-sharing of expenses associated with independently developed marketing campaigns.

The Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau Cooperative Billboard Advertising Campaign amplifies the diverse marketing and advertising efforts of hospitality industry partners through the financial support of billboard campaigns with the following objectives:

  • Increase visitation to Alachua County in the transient (highway), consumer and leisure sectors;
  • Increase the marketing reach and visibility of local tourism and hospitality entities;
  • Increase revenue and economic activity for the hospitality sector and support Covid-19 recovery plans.

Download FY22 Cooperative Billboard Marketing Campaign Application [pdf]

Application Submission

Applications should be submitted with all requested information. Each applicant is responsible for full and complete compliance with all laws, rules and regulations which may be applicable. One (1) Original should be submitted via email to The email subject line should state: “Cooperative Billboard Advertising Campaign” It is the complete responsibility of the applicant to compile and package its proposals and provide all requested documentation.


Questions regarding any portion of the application or application process must be made in writing via email to the VCB at


Applicants must fulfill the following at the time of application.

  1. Be an Alachua County business engaged in the hospitality or tourism sector, including:
    a.Providers of Paid Overnight Accommodations: Hotels, motels, B&B’s, or other provider of paidovernight accommodations within Alachua County that are currently registered with the AlachuaCounty Tax Collector and collect and remit bed tax;
    b.Businesses in the Food and Beverage Industry: Restaurants, dining establishments, bars orbreweries within Alachua County;
    c.Venues, Recreation and Attractions: Including nature-based, cultural and sporting attractions;places of special interest, including zoos, music venues, theatres and museums; venues forspectator and participatory sports; parks and outdoor activities.
    d.Municipalities and CRA’s within the boundaries of Alachua County are eligible to apply.
  2. Political and religious entities are not eligible.
  3. Events and attractions that are restricted to limited membership or participation; including fundraisers,camps, social, or private events are not eligible.
  4. The proposed billboard project must have as its main purposes the attraction of tourists.
  5. The proposed billboard project must be located within the defined geographical area focused on drive-inmarkets within the state of Florida and extending north to Atlanta. Proposals that fall outside thegeographic target markets will be rejected.