Woods Haven Retreat Center

1309 NW 192nd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32609

The Lubee Bat Conservancy’s Woods Haven Retreat Center

A beautiful ranch-style house sitting on 4 acres of tranquil wooded grounds located just north of Gainesville. The Center’s 3300 square-foot house can service up to 50 people for meetings, retreats, and private functions.

For private weekend getaways, the center has overnight accommodations for up to 10 people with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths.

The Center boasts large meeting rooms and Wi-Fi capabilities. In addition, the house has a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, indoor unheated swimming pool, and a gas grill.

Woods Haven is located within walking distance of the main office and primary bat exhibits. Lubee Bat Conservancy is an international non-profit organization dedicated to saving fruit bats and their habitats. This is accomplished through research, conservation, and education, with a focus on community engagement.

Lubee houses the largest and most diverse collection of fruit bats in the world. Lubee is focussed on working with global conservation partners to protect at-risk species of bats. Lubee is certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and currently houses over 200 bats. 12 species are represented, including the Malayan Flying Fox which can attain a wingspan of 6′. All of the bats are frugivorous, and guests have an opportunity to observe them interacting with numerous fruits and enrichment devices. Everyone visiting Woods Haven Retreat Center is welcome to walk the beautiful grounds and visit our one-of-a-kind bat facility.