Vision Statement

Located in North Central Florida, Gainesville/Alachua County is a unique family friendly, university community, well know for its exciting blend of cultural, historic and natural attractions as well as fine arts and sporting events. Home of the University of Florida "Gators", the area draws business and convention travelers from throughout the world to state-of-the-art research, medical and conference facilities. Careful preservation and use of natural and manmade resources help preserve for the leisure visitors the County's unique eco-systems and cultural assets. Tourism is an important contributor to economic development in Gainesville/Alachua County and is woven into the fabric of the community in a way that enhances the residents' quality of life and the visitor experience.


STAR Report

The Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau is now publishing the STAR report each month. Our monthly STAR report looks at the performance of Alachua County hotels, and has proven to be a valuable tool for properties to make the most informed business decisions possible.

*All data is processed by STR using both the current and historical sampling of hotels.

You can view the current month's STAR Report under the additional resources section. The following calculations are represented in each STAR Report.

For further questions about the methodology used to produce these reports, please email

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR)
    Room revenue divided by rooms sold. The currency used to express ADR is shown on each report.
  • Census (properties and rooms)
    The number of properties and rooms that exist in our database for the area(s) or segment(s) shown on the report.
  • Country
    A geographic area that has internationally recognized boundaries, an organized economy, and a sovereign government with external recognition.ÿIt is typically recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Demand (Rooms Sold)
    The number of rooms sold or rented (excludes complimentary rooms).
  • Exchange Rate
    The factor used to convert revenue from U.S. Dollars to the local currency. The exchange rate data is obtained from Any aggregated number in the report (YTD, Running 3 month, Running 12 month) uses the exchange rate of each relative month when calculating the data.
  • Market
    A geographic area within a country. Markets are defined by STR and STR Global.
  • Occupancy (Occ)
    Rooms sold divided by rooms available multiplied by 100. Occupancy is always expressed as a percentage of rooms occupied.
  • Percent Change
    Amount of growth - up, flat, or down - this period versus same period last year (month or year-to-date). Calculated as ((TY - LY) / LY) * 100.
  • Revenue (Room Revenue)
    Total room revenue generated from the sale or rental of rooms.
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
    Room revenue divided by rooms available.
  • Sample
    The number of hotels and rooms from which data is received.
  • Sub-Market
    A geographic sub-area within a Market. Sub-markets are defined by STR and STR Global.
  • Supply (Rooms Available)
    The number of rooms times the number of days in the period.
  • Twelve Month Moving Average
    The value of any given month is computed by taking the value of that month and the values of the eleven preceding months, adding them together and dividing by twelve.
  • WD (Weekday)
    Average of Sunday through Thursday
  • WE (Weekend)
    Average of Friday and Saturday
  • Year-to-date
    Measures (Occ, ADR, RevPAR, Supply, Demand, Revenue) are calculated using the sum of the values from January 1 of the given year.