An organic and fair trade, socially conscious, vegan friendly café.

Our dairy ice ream comes from Three Twins Ice Cream and uses dairy from grass fed cows that are not given hormones. And best of all, the dairy cows live on a small, family owned dairy where they can graze on open pastures. All of our soy based vegan ice cream comes from Chicago Soy Dairy, who uses soy grown in the United States mid-west, free of gmos and chemicals. *** All of our baked goods are exclusively vegan. Nom worthy cookies, fudge brownies and marshmallow squares are available daily. Cupcakes are our specialty - we have over 100 different varieties! Cupcake options change daily along with other delicious choices of cakes, pies and muffins, oh my!

Atmosphere: Casual, Fast Food, Kid-friendly

Cuisine: Coffee House, Craft Beer, Deli, Desserts, Gluten-free, Ice Cream, Vegan