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12 Instagram accounts to make your mouth water for Gainesville

By Joe Kukura

Some meals are so good that you’ve just got to post them to Instagram before digging in. That fun stream of eye candy that we call Instagram is especially well suited to the restaurants and cocktail lounges of Gainesville, the hip and quirky cultural center of north-central Florida. We’ve compiled some of Gainesville’s most sumptuous and appetizing Instagram foodie feeds, ranging from Southern cooking to wildly inventive desserts to artisan microbreweries. Follow along as we check out the Instagram feeds of Gainesville’s best foodies, restaurants and sweets chefs.

If you don’t know Southern cooking, the Southern Charm Kitchen Instagram account will give you a gorgeous and delicious crash course. Southern Charm’s Insta feed features regular helpings of black-eyed pea fritters, biscuit-and-gravy sandwiches, and chicken and waffles that are served on real plates.

Satchel’s Pizza is known for having some of the best pizza in Florida and some of the wackiest interior decorations in all of Gainesville. Its Instagram account lives up to that reputation, with pics of its wildly inventive pizza pies, the action figures and retro toys that adorn the restaurant plus plenty of adorable shots of the little Satchels at play.

Gainesville Grub offers a free, fun and uncensored look into what Gainesville is eating.

A sushi paradise on Instagram, Dragonfly Sushi offers more than just elegantly beautiful sushi pictures. There are some mind-blowing images of the enormous salmon and tuna fishes as they arrive from market and pictures of Dragonfly’s distinctive artisan cocktails.

The Sandwich Inn is Gainesville’s oldest restaurant, but its Instagram feed is a fresh delight. Take a peek at the way-too-tall burgers, brilliant bacon concoctions and breakfast sandwiches served all day that make the Sandwich Inn “where the locals eat.”

First Magnitude is a microbrewery of the highest order, and its Instagram account shows more than just its tasty draft beers served in the proper range of specialty glasses. You also get behind-the-scenes pictures of the brewing and casking processes that go into your favorite microbrews, plus pictures of—get this—yoga classes taught inside the brewery.  

Yes, Gainesville even has gourmet popsicles. Hyppo Gourmet Popsicles uses real fruit in its popsicles and concocts them into an array of exotic flavors. The proof is in the pudding pops when you follow Hyppo’s Instagram and see its popsicles and how much fun its crew has serving them all over town.

Both a bar and a microbrewery, Swamphead Brewery has an Instagram feed that puts beer drinking in a beautiful light. Its cans and beer taps are designed with a colorful creativity, and its stream of interior brewery shots make a must-follow for any Instagrammer interested in homebrewing.

The organic ice cream shop Karma Cream serves a whole lot more than just ice cream, and its Instagram proves it in delicious fashion. Give Karma Cream a follow for a glimpse at its exquisitely crafted cupcakes, gourmet donuts, cinnamon rolls and croissants.

Your stomach won’t be bashful when you see pictures of the Humble Pie pizzas and calzones baked in a mobile wood-fired oven. Humble Pie is a pizza truck that hits all of Gainesville’s funnest events, and its Instagram feed follows them for pictures of this pizza goodness on wheels.

You’ll find the Talented Cookie Company about 20 miles north of Gainesville in High Springs serving gourmet cookies, cupcakes and espresso, and you’ll find it on Instagram at @TheTalentedCookie. The visual delight of these handcrafted cookies and cupcakes is beyond comparison, and especially fun when holidays roll around and the themed treats come out.

Showcasing animal-free options in Gainesville and nearby in Florida.

The Ken Eats Gainesville food blog is a weekly digest of Gainesville food and the comings and goings of the Gainesville restaurant scene. But for everyday updates and a true taste of the diversity of the Gainesville food scene, Ken’s Instagram covers everything from five-star fine dining to chicken-and-waffle joints with styrofoam plates.

But you can’t count on Instagram for instant gratification. There is nothing like trying these gorgeous meals and treats for yourself. Make plans to visit picturesque Gainesville and upload some delicious-looking pictures before you download that food into your belly. And don't forget to follow @VisitGainesville on instagram!

PICTURED: Close up of @sandwichinn110 burger
Photo Courtesy of Visit Gainesville
PICTURED: Cupcakes at @TheTalentedCookie
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PICTURED: The instagram-worthy tasting room at @fmbrewing
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