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7 of the Best New Places to Eat and Drink in Gainesville

Gainesville, Florida, is a city with a burgeoning, diverse food and drink scene that continues to impress locals and visitors alike. Innovative chef owners and restaurateurs are seeking out spaces for new culinary experiments throughout town. Here are seven of the top new restaurants, breweries, coffee houses and dessert shops in Gainesville.

1. Mojo BBQ Hogtown

Recently opened, Mojo BBQ Hogtown is a cool new franchise from Jacksonville, Florida. With an atmosphere of a Texas saloon, the strong smell of barbecued pork and aged bourbon bottles on display, guests will feel like they’ve entered the Wild West. Diners can enjoy pulled pork sandwiches as well as traditional southern dishes like fried catfish, collard greens, and mac and cheese.

2. OAK

Another new restaurant to Gainesville is OAK (Original American Kitchen), which offers a wide range of food options including lamb belly sliders, chicken n’ waffles, organic salads and briskets. Cocktails come with amusing names such as Guns and Roses, Daisy Dukes and Southern Gentleman. And leave room for a true American dessert: fried twinkies covered in chocolate drizzle.

3. First Magnitude Brewery

Want to sample beers like a connoisseur? Head over to First Magnitude Brewery where guests can sip on draft porters, IPAs and coffee stout. The brewery’s menu changes according to the season, with some beers that stay year-round. The brewery has nice Florida touches; the staff serves drinks with a Florida license plate as a tray, for example.

4. Southern Charm

Miss your mother’s cooking? Guests can get their comfort food fix at Southern Charm with hearty meals like shrimp and grits, Pentecostal chicken and meatloaf. Diners can also enjoy their meals with raspberry sweet tea served in a mason jar. Southern Charm has an impressive vegetarian-friendly menu section and vegan options, too.

5. The Hyppo

The best new way to cool off in the hot Florida sun is to head over to The Hyppo for popsicles. Hyppo does not serve ordinary popsicles; it offers unique flavors like watermelon chia, star fruit, pear pie and the Elvis (peanut butter, banana and honey).

6. Know Where Coffee

With rustic wood flooring and hip style, Know Where Coffee is a cool spot to hang out in Gainesville. Oh, and the shop also serves delicious coffee, mostly from South America. Guests can lounge in the comfy seats for hours with a laptop while sipping their favorite drink. You also can order a bacon bagel or nutella bread to go with your cup of joe.

7. The Talented Cookie Company

Chocolate sundae cupcakes, popcorn pecan chocolate chips and macaroons: You name it, the Talented Cookie Company has it. If you prefer your sweet fix in a liquid form, the cafe also serves cookie n’ cream frappuccinos, chocolate espressos and pumpkin spice lattes. This small mom-and-pop shop is located in High Springs, just outside of Gainesville.

PICTURED: A fresh pop from The Hyppo
Photo Courtesy of Visit Gainesville
PICTURED: Mojo Hogtown BBQ
Photo Courtesy of Visit Gainesville
PICTURED: Comfort Food at Southern Charm Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Visit Gainesville